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Travel Solo
But Not Alone
with Yaatrees!

Ignite your wanderlust with Yaatrees!

Connect with fellow solo travelers and create unforgettable experiences together.

Ever found yourself trying to convince your friends to join

your next travel escapade only to face a barrage of excuses?

With Yaatrees, bid adieu to such woes! We're your go-to app for solo travelers looking to connect and have amazing experiences together.

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Community powered by an app

Yaatrees offers a vibrant community of fellow explorers waiting to join you in your next adventure. No more lone dining or struggling with self-timers for the perfect selfie. Our user-friendly platform is your gateway to a world of shared travel experiences.

Yaatrees is the answer to solo travel blues!

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We understand that adventure also means unpredictability. That's why Yaatrees features a dedicated emergency button, providing you a lifeline in unexpected situations. Whether you're lost in the winding alleys of Venice or the streets of Brazil, Yaatrees is just a tap away. Travel with confidence, travel with Yaatrees!

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About Yaatrees Team

At Yaatrees, we are passionate about helping solo travellers connect with like-minded individuals and plan amazing trips together.

We know that traveling solo can be rewarding, but it can also be a little lonely at times.

That's why we created Yaatrees, a mobile app designed specifically for solo travellers looking to connect with fellow adventurers who appreciate sustainable and fun exploration of exotic locations and cultures.

Our team is made up of diverse community members just like you. People who want the feeling of safety while still getting the freedom of choice from being a solo traveller. With state-of-the-art user interface and an ever-growing community of real human beings like us, we are on a mission to connect travellers from all over the world and ensuring safe, affordable and sustainable travel.

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